Korean Dramas: So Far, So Good…3. The Master’s Sun


master sun poster

OK… Continuing on, with number three of my all-time favorite drama’s, from this page.

Title: The Master’s Sun/ Release: 2013 Korea

Watch on dramafever or on viki. Continue reading


Avocado- Homemade reviving hair mask


About a month ago, my dear aunt told me of this amazing hair mask to revive dry or damaged hair. After the use of this mask quotes “Your hair would be shinier, softer, and growing healthier and faster”. Well, I tried the original recipe, but the mask just made my already oily hair, twice as oily. So I tweaked the recipe and process to fit my and my friend’s hair. We all have different hair, from colored to straight, from wild locks to perfect tame hair.

Anyways I will give the original recipe, as well as show my tweaks to it, and will explain the method of preparation, and use. Continue reading

First Post: Lets set some Guidelines


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  1. First: This blog is going to be random at times with different subjects and topics jumping around.
  2. Second: I am female, which means my interests are female or “girly”. So, if don’t like that, deal with it.
  3. Third:I am a university student, which means that I am quite busy, but this is something I have wanted to try for a few years now.  Continue reading