Korean Dramas: So Far, So Good

I have been a fan of Korean drama, for the past 5 years, and I still watch them, when time permits. I have watched so many, Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese, even a couple of Mainland Chinese Dramas. So, I am able to say that I have all time favorite dramas. I have watched a few dramas that are melodramatic, tragedies, or just full of drama and intrigue, but all of them were too westernized for me to enjoy them. (Since, what is the point to watch something in a different language, with English subtitles when I can do that with spoken English).

All my negative thoughts about asian dramas changed when I discovered the genre of Romantic Comedy.

That section is full of dramas, that will pull on your heartstrings with their cheese lovey-dovey couple moments, will make you cry when something dramatic happens, make you want to murder the lead villain from the drama, and through all those moments you will be laughing and smiling. Especially, the korean Romantic Comedy, are the best stress relievers I had so far. Now while there are many Romantic Comedies, there are none that have this wide range of other genres mixed with them. For example, romantic comedies, mixed with historical suspense, and intrigue and drama. Or a drama part romantic comedy, part of it is mild horror, and suspense.

Now I will list my favorite K-drama’s:

  1. Faith-the-great-doctor-aka-faith-32024424-1280-720 Faith aka The Good doctor, Starring Lee Min Ho for the main male lead role.
  2. GuFamilyBook-p0002Gu family Book, starring Suzy as the main female lead role.
  3. imagesMaster’s sun, a part horror, part romantic comedy, with funny main characters.
  4. You-re-Beautiful-korean-dramas-32444456-1920-1080You are beautiful, where a girl that was training to be a nun, and gives that up to help her younger brother, by pretending to be him  in a boyband.
  5. Boys-over-Flowers-korean-dramas-32444325-1920-1080Boys over Flowers,  adaptation of Japanese Hana Yori Dango Manga.

I am sure that in the future I will have more favorite k-dramas,  for example the new drama that is coming out in a week, with Lee Min Ho, that was filmed in California called

heirs: he who wears the crownThe Heirs: He who wears the Crown. 


5 thoughts on “Korean Dramas: So Far, So Good

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