About Me

Something about me… I am:

A University Student.

A loving older sister, and a loving daughter.

I believe in equality and human rights.

I am not a feminist, but I defend my gender aggressively. 

I love to watch K-drama, J-manga and listen to KPOP.

The K stands for Korean; J stands for Japanese.

A bookaholic (someone who likes to read books).

I love gum, especially Stride and Five GUM.

I try to leave health and pick health alternatives. 

A sometimes poet or artist.

A music lover, I listen to anything as long as it appeals to me.

I love food.

I can cook, but food presentation and decoration is where the passion lies.

Having a warm and clean home is what I am about.

I love to try new makeup and products, also, try to make my own cleansers and masks.

My ideas come from me, or my relatives and friends. 

If I have posted something that is similar to someone else, because there is a lot on the web. 

PLEASE, tell me about it, so I can remove it. 

For some rules and guidelines: My first post… 


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