Korean Dramas: So far, So good…1. Faith aka the Good Doctor


lee minho

So, I have reached the final and last installation to the introductory and explanatory page on my love for Korean Dramas.

So , there was before Boys over flowers, You’re Beautiful, Master’s sun, Gu family book… now its time for my #1 Korean Drama of all time.

Title: Faith Aka The Good Doctor or The Good Doctor Aka Faith (Same thing)

Release: 2012 Korea

Watch on Viki, or Dramafever.


The Main Characters

Official Summary: 

A modern-day surgeon is kidnapped and taken back 700 years to the Goryeo Dynasty in Korean history. Admiral Choi Young, a warrior, abducts Dr. Eun Soo and returns to his time period so that the doctor can save the injured Princess No Guk. Can Dr. Eun Soo do what is being asked of her and return to her own time period? Or will she have faith in her heart and stay in the past to help the king become a better ruler who cares for and heals his people?

For more information go to d-addcits or asianwiki.

Faith-The-Great-DoctorThe secondary characters

This drama I have watched it so many times, that it is getting ridiculous… It is just that good, the feelings you get from watching the drama from the beginning until the end. There are constant twists and turns,that make you crave for more. Just as you think the characters finally have a break, nope on we go again for the ride. Especially, the secondary couple, there are just so sweet and caring. And the leads are just amazing… Lee Minho and old soldiers costumes… that’s all you need to know… I have not yet found a drama in anyways to be similar to this one, as this one is quite amazing.

Anyways, I am going to have to rewatch the whole 24 episodes again…

queen and king

The secondary couple

My two favorite songs are:

Ali- Carry On ( The theme song of the Main Characters Romance)

One Piece- Because It’s You ( the theme song for the secondary couple)

This is my favorite drama of all times, and I HIGHLY recommend it.


Until Next Time,

Cristi Ray


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