Kdrama: So far, So good…2. Gu Family Book


gu family book

OK, for a while I took a break from continuing with the list of my favorite dramas from all time, from this page. Anyways, this is number 2…

Title: Gu Family Book

Release: 2013 South Korea

Watch on Viki or Dramafever.

parents gu family book

Kang Chi’s parents, Seo Hwa and Wol Ryung

Official Summary:

When Yoon Seo Hwa (Lee Yeon Hee) falls for Gu Wol Ryung (Choi Jin Hyuk) the guardian spirit of the Jiri mountains, their doomed love quickly blossoms in the form of their child, Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi). As a newborn, Kang Chi is sent down a river, and is raised amongst humans. Life is normal as he works for Park Moo Sol (Uhm Hyo Sup) at the Hundred Year Inn, until he realizes his otherworldly nature: he’s neither completely human, nor a true gumiho. When tragedy befalls his loved ones, Kang Chi realizes he’ll need to control his newfound power in order to protect his family and come to terms with his unique identity.

For more information go to asianwiki or d-addicts.


This picture in short summarizes the chemistry between Kang Chi, and the Tomboy Daughter of the Headmaster of Kang Chi’s Fighting School.  My feels for this drama is that is very intriguing with awesome fights and in general captivating plot. I would recommend this drama to anyone who likes double characters, a bit of sadness that is in the core of the happiness; many twists and turns before you find a breakthrough; forbidden couples; mythical creature; and all in a historical setting. This drama is the first new drama I watched this year, and it is what allowed me to discover my ultimate favorite drama… Faith starring Lee min-ho.

This drama in short has one theme song that just makes you feel the pain and despair int he singers voice, her helplessness against falling in love, and then losing  her loved one. This is:

Yisabel- My Eden

There are not really drama’s that can be in the same category, and similar themed. Only one remotely resembles some parts of this drama and only in genres.

That is Arang and the Magistrate… watch on viki or dramafever.

Hope you will love this drama as it is definitely very good…

Until next time,

Cristi Ray


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