Poem: Time/ Life; Virtual vs Real


*Warning Unedited work*

Time and life: virtual vs real

One minute of the past, One second of the future

Two glimpses of time; that confuse the present

With an hour of the present, turned to past

With the hopes for future, that are lost in the present


Time is tricky, time is wild;

 To tame time; to rule life

One needs inner peace; one needs eternal wisdom


One needs to believe in their destiny

The glimpses one has of the past, present, future

All come from our own minds

The truth of time, the truth of life

Can be found within one’s inner being

Believe in that inner being; believe in your life and choices.


In the world of social media,

In the world of followers, likes, retweets, and favorites

The human strives to succeed in the new virtual world.

The animosity of being, the animosity of life

So that the make belief, the fake could survive

Pretending that it is all different in the virtual world

That they are not what they are in the real world

The consequences of their choice to become another


Begins a process of losing their real self

To become another to become a fake;

To lose their most precious gift of life,

Until there is no more human there, but a well designed computer.

I wrote this poem, while I was getting bored in one of my three hours classes. Hope you like it…

Until next time,

Cristi Ray


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