Avocado- Homemade reviving hair mask


About a month ago, my dear aunt told me of this amazing hair mask to revive dry or damaged hair. After the use of this mask quotes “Your hair would be shinier, softer, and growing healthier and faster”. Well, I tried the original recipe, but the mask just made my already oily hair, twice as oily. So I tweaked the recipe and process to fit my and my friend’s hair. We all have different hair, from colored to straight, from wild locks to perfect tame hair.

Anyways I will give the original recipe, as well as show my tweaks to it, and will explain the method of preparation, and use.

Avocado Hair Mask

Original recipe with my little quirks.

½ Avocado (just a half of a ripe avocado)

1 tsp (teaspoon) of olive any oil is fine.(5 ml)

Just depends on your preferences, I prefer Coconut oil, because of the nutrients and other benefits of coconut oil.

To learn more about coconut oil and its benefits, click here.

2 tsp (teaspoons) of vanilla yogurt (10 ml)

1 tsp (teaspoon) of honey (5 ml)

I also, like to add:

A pinch of table salt

2 tsp (teaspoon) of warm water. (10 ml)


**The measurements may vary due to the quantity of hair, and its basic form. This recipe is based on my medium length and thickness brown hair. **

Instructions of use:

Step 1: Mix all of the ingredients together.  It does not matter what comes first in mixing the ingredients as long as all of them are mashed together. Mashed/Mixed to the best of your ability. *suggestion: use a blender, or blender-like machine*


**NOTE: Hair must be dry when applying the mask on it**

Step 2: Apply the mask on the top of your head, apply a good amount all other your scalp. Then, you need to place the rest of your hair all around the area that is already covered with the mask until all of your hair is on top of your head. Once that is done, apply the remaining amount of the mask all around, until you feel that your head is fully covered with the mask or you have no more mask left.

Step 3: You will need a simple shower cap or a plastic bag, to place on top of your mask covered hair and secure it there. Once that is done, take a big scarf or a light towel and wrap it around your head like a turban. To keep the mask warm, so that it has an effect.

Step 4: You must try to keep this mask on top of your head, for at least one (1) hour, up to, two (2) hours. This mask should be made one in one-two weeks period, for the effects to be seen after a month.

Step 5: Wash it off like you usually wash off your hair. MIght not put too much conditioner.

After the use of this mask your hair should be hEalthy-hairsofter and healthier/shinier looking, if you follow the instructions properly. Good luck with the mask, I hope this post was helpful.

Until next time,

Cristi Ray


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