First Post: Lets set some Guidelines


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  1. First: This blog is going to be random at times with different subjects and topics jumping around.
  2. Second: I am female, which means my interests are female or “girly”. So, if don’t like that, deal with it.
  3. Third:I am a university student, which means that I am quite busy, but this is something I have wanted to try for a few years now. 
  4. Fourth: I might post something that you disagree with, I would happily take your criticism, as long as it is not offensive, and not just a way for you to be mean.
  5. Fifth:I would appreciate comments and tips for improvement, as I am new to blogging.
  6. Sixth:Sometimes I might ask for opinions please feel free to comment, be as honest as possible please, even if its to disagree.
  7. Seventh:I will be posting a lot of beauty and health related tips for women that I have tried or personally seen used. If you want me to try something, please comment on it.
  8. Eighth:I will sometimes criticize some fashion or things that I find ridiculous, if I offend you, I don’t mean to, it is just my honest opinion.
  9. Ninth: If you find some spelling/grammar errors, please tell me so I can improve.
  10. Tenth: If you don’t like this blog, or topics, don’t read them.

It is as simple as that. 

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One thought on “First Post: Lets set some Guidelines

  1. Welcome! I’m rather new to blogging as well, and have also intended to do it for years. I hope university is going well for you! We’re in midterms now so the struggle is real. I think it’s great that you’re posting these kind of guidelines, it kind of takes me to my foruming days (of which I often think fondly over). I’ll be following to see your progress and hope to encourage each other along the way in this new endeavor!

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